Sports and Martial Arts Reviews

Applications in Health and Fitness*


Muscle tightness and many 'grown-in' tensions can be released using the exercises and the flexibility routines. They help correct posture and restore bilateral balance. Tonic strength and core stability improves postural strength. The exercises are only able to correct mild posture imbalances within the connective tissue systems. This works by stretching, retraining and strengthening.

'Inner Strength'

Overall tonic strength, and core stability help provide not only physical benefits, they also train an inner strength that can help in handling the stresses of everyday life. The phenomenon of 'butterflies in the stomach' for example is reduced through using the exercises.

Self Defence

Grip strength, core stability and mental toughness and focus allow better self-control in difficult or tense situations. The rods are not intended to be used for self defence.


Brain hemispheres relate to different aspects of the personality - art, theatre and creativity to one side and mathematics, reasoning and logic to the other. Bilateral physical training induces bilateral development in the brain hemispheres which appears to balance out these proclivities. More research is needed to ascertain the effects more clearly.


The exercises help develop mental strength and toughness, focus and concentration. The simplicity of the exercises also helps the mind relax, and gives a therapeutic sense of easement.

* These effects have been noted by the author. More research is needed to characterise the effects of the exercises in more detail.